Sunday, 8 December 2013

South To Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Heading south out of Batticaloa, the coast landscape takes a dramatic change.  Most of it now abandoned & derelict thanks to the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami.  Sri Lanka was the second hardest hit with over 36,000 lives lost.


Further inland, heavy rains have flooded most of the rice fields and there is some great opportunities for locals to fish "the run off"at the bridges and creeks. No rods or lures here.

Just north of Arugam Bay is a small community whose housing style can be best described as "Tea Pot"shaped.  Why we couldn't find out.

Arugam Bay is traditionally a sufie beach heavily frequented during the good season - April to August.  Now it is a bit lonely except for the local fisherman.

at the far end of the beach is the "Cobra Tree"

We are never far from our street food vendors.....

Preparing roti for Kottu Roti

the local bakery

Our local bar and takeaway....where Sharon was a celebrity....1 x 500ml can of ice cold Lion beer....150Rupee....$A 1.25

Our Accommodation - Galaxy Lounge,Galaxy Rd, Nth Arugam Bay


A sunset drive to a nearby tank or lake brings a pleasant surprise when a wild elephant appears on the edge of the roadwayHe doesn't remain for too long preferring the safety of the jungle to our company.


The lake is a haven for bird life as well as Sri Lanka's freshwater crocodile....

Malabar Hornbills

Green Bee-eater

Mugger or marsh crocodile can grow up to 4.5m in length & only inhabits freshwater

A lovely sunset, cloudy but no rain for our last day

Tomorrow we start back to the west coast and our last 3 days before flying home......

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