Thursday, 3 July 2014

2014 Holiday Destination

Our 2014 holiday destination will be Myanmar or Burma in the colonial times.

Places to be visited include the capital, Yangon (Rangoon) ; Bagan ; Mandalay : Pyin Oo Lwin ; Inle Lake.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

South To Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Heading south out of Batticaloa, the coast landscape takes a dramatic change.  Most of it now abandoned & derelict thanks to the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami.  Sri Lanka was the second hardest hit with over 36,000 lives lost.


Further inland, heavy rains have flooded most of the rice fields and there is some great opportunities for locals to fish "the run off"at the bridges and creeks. No rods or lures here.

Just north of Arugam Bay is a small community whose housing style can be best described as "Tea Pot"shaped.  Why we couldn't find out.

Arugam Bay is traditionally a sufie beach heavily frequented during the good season - April to August.  Now it is a bit lonely except for the local fisherman.

at the far end of the beach is the "Cobra Tree"

We are never far from our street food vendors.....

Preparing roti for Kottu Roti

the local bakery

Our local bar and takeaway....where Sharon was a celebrity....1 x 500ml can of ice cold Lion beer....150Rupee....$A 1.25

Our Accommodation - Galaxy Lounge,Galaxy Rd, Nth Arugam Bay


A sunset drive to a nearby tank or lake brings a pleasant surprise when a wild elephant appears on the edge of the roadwayHe doesn't remain for too long preferring the safety of the jungle to our company.


The lake is a haven for bird life as well as Sri Lanka's freshwater crocodile....

Malabar Hornbills

Green Bee-eater

Mugger or marsh crocodile can grow up to 4.5m in length & only inhabits freshwater

A lovely sunset, cloudy but no rain for our last day

Tomorrow we start back to the west coast and our last 3 days before flying home......

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Batticaloa, Eastern Sri Lanka

Travelling south from Trincomalee on the coast road, we see numerous signs of the Australian Govt's - NO VISA - NO AUSTRALIA campaign to deter illegally boats.

Giant Billboards - roughly translated meaning "NO VISA. NO ACCEPTED IN AUSTRALIA"
Wall Posters - which don't fare so well & subject to overnight vandalism


The Batticaloa Fort was built by the Portuguese in 1628 and was the first to be captured by the Dutch (18 May 1638). It is one of the most picturesque of the small Dutch fort of Sri Lanka, it’s situated in an island, with the battlements still in good condition.Unfortunately the interior was destroyed and now houses the modern Divisional Secretariat.

The remaining gate plaque with the Dutch East Indies (VOC) and date

 One of two Dutch cannons....all that is left


Light Aircraft Carrier - HMS Hermes

Escorting Destroyer - HMAS Vampire



Giant hot sandwiches in Turkish bread, giant hot filled roti rolls and Donner Kebabs


Our Cabana is an island....

but dry and pleasant......

The next day....Arugam Bay

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Trincomalee, Eastern Sri Lanka

The recorded history of Trincomalee spans more than 2500 years and is one of the oldest cities in Asia - it has served as a major maritime seaport in the international trading history of the island within South East Asia.

British Occupation c 1900

Trincomalee was made into a fortified port town following the Portugese conquest of the Jaffna kingdom in the early 1600s, changing hands between the Danish in 1620, the Dutch, then the French following a battle of the American Revolutionary War and the British in 1795, finally being absorbed into the British Ceylon state in 1815. Attacked by the Japanese as part of the Indian Ocean raids during World war II in 1942. The city also has the largest Dutch fort on the island.



Arthur Wellesley, later, 1st Duke of Wellington visited whilst a Colonel in the British East India Company, the bungalow he resided in is known as Wellesley Lodge which is inside Fort Fredrick and now is the officer's of the 2nd (Volunteer) battalion of the Gajaba Regiment of the Sri Lankan Army.

Gokana Temple

Trincomalee War Cemetry - 1939-1945

  A Credit to the Custodians

At the Markets......

 Hunting for trinkets

Birds, Bikes & Balls

  On the Beaches


"I'll have 1 cold Lion beer please"

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie...check out the legs...

Trincomalee's Oldest Cemetery

Check out our eatery

first roll it out......

now flip it around in the air

keep flipping it until you get a MEGA ROTI

 your choice of roti parcels for lunch...

 ...and at night.....

 Sharon's favourite...Kotthu Roti

 Our Recommended Accommodation...only the best

Dykes Rest Beach Resort
228 Dykes Street, Dutch Bay, Trincomalee
( ) 

with a back door right on the beach......

So ends a wet, rainy holiday in Trincomalee, but we still had loads of fun.  Our next stop is Batticaloa