Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Around Jaffna - Our last day

Our last day in the northern Sri Lankan city of Jaffna

Clock Tower

On the Streets......

 waiting for a feed

 Xmas just around the corner

garlic by the cart load

 thongs by the truck load

 just roaming around

fruit stalls at night

Temples......by the dozens 



 St Francis Xavier Church with stain glass panels

St Mary's Cathedral



Point Pedro Fishing Village

 Drying fish 

 Blue Swimmer Crabs

 Dried Flounder

more dried fish

The Small Archaelogical Museum 

 The only surviving memorial stones from the church in Fort Jaffna (1671)

Unrestored full size painting of Queen Victoria c1850


Our favourite eats

 Kotthu Roti

Sharon's favourite dessert........"sweet laddu"

So ends our stay in Jaffna...tomorrow we head of to Trincomalee....

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