Thursday, 7 November 2013

Singapore - 06.11.2013

Arrived after a sleepless flight....and straight to T3 cafeteria for dinner then onto the Sapphire Hotel in Geylang (better known as the 'Redlight District)

Straight round to our favourite restaurant/bar only to find "The Golden Eagle" has been replaced by a clothing shop....but ever resourceful we quickly find another bar & settle on a ice cold Tiger Beer before bed.

Up & out for breakfast, our local Indian Cafe (Geylang Bilal Restaurant) is still going strong with Roti Prata Egg & strong coffee laced with sweet condensed milk.

The for our big 'bus'adventure to Jurong Bird Park.......1hr 20mins later & having travelled through almost every suburb in Singapore & costing $A 5.00, we arrive at the Jurong Bird Park.

It is an amazing park, well laid out & offering an insight into almost every species of birds on the earth.  It is certainly well worth the day's visit all for $25 including tram travel within the park.

Back to the Indian Cafe for dinner & some more ice cold Tiger beers (the weather is hot, steamy, and stormy).  Sharon goes for the Curried Goat with Biryani Rice while Michael has the Goat Mutarbuk with Curried Gravy.

Grab our bags from the hotel & out to T@ for the Tiger flight to Cochin in India....we're the only westerners onboard and most of the Indians are amazed at us going to Kerala for holidays from Australia.

We sleep the whole 4hr flight before arriving in Cochin at 0015hrs - 7/11/13.....

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