Saturday, 30 November 2013

A Stroll through Jaffna City Markets

Much of our journey was inspired by the SBS Series - "My Sri Lanka with Peter Kuruvita" (available on DVD from SBS Australia)

Every city, town and village in Sri Lanka has it's Central Markets, but Jaffna Markets features high in the spices and fragrances of this tropical island.

every spice you can imaging used in cooking

all forms of dried fish for curries

piles of fresh grown vegatables

4 different types of bananas

don't forget the coconuts

sweets, toffees, chilli peanuts, lollies, mixed nibblies.....

plenty of trinkets, cooking pots, jewellery to keep even Sharon interested

Finally the Grand Finale - LUNCH

Curried Mutton (Goat) & Vegetables, wrapped in Roti, covered in breadcrumbs & deep fried with Milk Tea

So ends a long day with an all time favourite.....

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