Saturday, 9 November 2013

Cochin, India - 07.11.2013

To our amazement we are only 2 streets from the local harbour and the famous "Chinese Fishing Nets".

Spending a bit of time just roaming around the foreshore and nearby stalls & shops, Fort Cochin is fast going the way of other historic cities towards catering to the influx of foreign tourist.

We immediately notice that many historical buildings, many of which date back to 1506 (Portugese discovery). 1663 (Dutch conquest) and 1795 (British takeover) are not being maintained or restored.

Fort Cochin has been a Catholic city since it's discovery and there is a multitude of Portugese/Dutch/English churches with a sprinkling of Hindu temples and Muslim mosques.

We visit Saint Francis Church, (www.,_Kochi) the first Portugese Church established over 500 years ago.  Currently, it is poorly maintained and very simple inside.  It's most outstanding feature is the tomb of the famous explorer - Vasco Da Gama

Dinner at the nearby XL Bar is Marsala Squid with Marsala Grilled Sear Fish, Vegetable Biryani Rice & Kingfisher beer - total cost was $A10.

It's been a long day, with tomorrow destined to be even more exciting as we continue to explore Fort Cochin

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